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Shine from the inside out!


With our GLOW programmes, we help you focus on yourself, your skills and the things which need to be aligned. We focus on giving you confidence and understanding, which will enable you to work on the balance and connection between your personal goals and wellbeing and the success of your business.

Ways to Shine

Our YOU programmes can be purchased individually, or as a course of 3.

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Transformational YOU


A mindset and lifestyle coaching programme with our signature Soul, Mind & Business approach.  Embark on a journey of transformation from the inside out to clarify personal perception, and  remain faithful to yourself, while aligning with your desired audience.ell people more about what you do or a featured service.


YOUnique Brand


Creating brand strategy and/or brand identity design. Discover and define your style identity, radiating your core values while shaping the unique look and voice of the brand.

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Brand YOUR Story


Design a brand story and develop your  storytelling. Grounding to your brand and developing content to use across your marketing channels.




Walk The Talk is a key part of our yearly Flow, but we also wanted to give you the option to be part of this on it’s own. The Walk The Talk Festival is an opportunity to connect with other business women in both the UK and Italy, to learn from experts within the WOW community and join events both on and offline which all aim to help you develop your story, your brand and your skills.

Soul Mind & Business


With ESG in mind, our Soul Mind & Business retreats are for companies who want to glow from the inside out, looking after their business, employees, environment and ultimately elevating their organisation. A sustainable way to achieve your goals. Soul, Mind & Business brings balance and consistency, allowing you to develop and balance your teams.

Power Hour


This is your opportunity to have one valuable hour of consultation with our WOW lead, Marianna Penna. If you're perhaps not ready to join our membership, not 100% sure what you need to work on next or maybe ahve a specific area you'd like to chat through with an experienced marketing mind, the Power Hour is for you. 

Never Miss the Opportunity to Be WOW
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