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Start with purpose today to be sustainable tomorrow

Whether you are a solopreneur or the CEO of your company, in the UK or in Italy, WoW is here to help women in business who feel confused or overwhelmed with their marketing, providing efficient and flexible programs and solutions to help build your brand reputation and grow your business at a sustainable pace.

Inspired by social causes, driven by purpose, enlightened by creativity, focused on results; our ideal clients and the community we are growing are women who aim to grow their businesses and intend to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.


WOW was born in March 2021, out of a need to promote and celebrate women in business during a very difficult time.  Due to overwhelming demand from clients and followers, we have been evolving to deliver a sustainable platform ever since, to support and share stories of women in business and help to shape the future for women-run businesses in Italy and the UK.


Provide innovative campaigns and marketing programs to fast-track the growth and reputation of women-led businesses.


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Inspire and empower women in business to be leaders of today


At WOW we believe it is crucial to have a balance between essence and substance in order to have a well-balanced life and a sustainable business.

We are dedicated to helping our women nurture their essence and their business in order to succeed. We do this through a range of memberships and marketing programmes and our creative, empowering WOW community. 


Discover all of the ways you can tap into the WOW lifestyle and grow as a business-women


WoW is One

In 2022, WoW turned ONE. We’re thrilled to have come so far with such an incredible community of women (and male supporters) by our side. We marked our one-year anniversary with the closing party of our incredible Walk The Talk Festival which we held in Naples, Italy, led by some of our most active and passionate members of WoW.

We’re now looking forward to many, many more anniversary celebrations as WoW marches on into an unconventional future of collaboration, learning, sustainability and balance. We’d love for you to join us. 

WOW Milestones

WoW Women on Women Launch

WoW Launched in 2021, set to bring together a community of women to support, promote and learn from each other and act as a bridge between  Italian and UK cultures.  We did this through launching the first of our, now annual, WoW Festivals.

WoW Festival

The first WOW Festival took place in 2021, with the purpose of celebrating women, sharing their stories & connecting them with eachother. Now an annual event, the Festival serves our women by helping them to ‘Walk Their Talk’, feel empowered & still connect with others.

WoW Evolution: Women of Worth

The needs of our women, industry & economy have shifted since our launch & so WOW evolved too. In 2023, we launched WOW Women of Worth with a clear mission for helping women in business through marketing activities with a sustainable approach, building long term relationships within a community.

In 2023 we launched WOW Women of Worth with a clear mission for helping our community of women in business

Explore Our Case Studies

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Vitrizia + WoW
WoW came together with Patrizia Visone of Vitrizia to create a collection of handmade headwear inspired by the WoW community. Vitrizia wanted to create a collection which allowed women who work hard to build their businesses and empires to be able to do so with style and personality and in a colour palette that really works for them, and so the WoW + Vitrizia capsule was born.


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