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WOW - Women Of Worth 2024 Festival Celebrates the Power of Authentic Connections

Updated: Apr 3

Our incredible 3rd annual WOW “Walk The Talk” Festival concluded with a grand closing party on Saturday, March 16th, at the picturesque Art Hotel San Francesco al Monte in Naples.

Beginning in February, the month-long festival, spanning across London, Milan, and Naples, this year with the theme "I'm Human," has been a celebration of the transformative impact of women on their communities and the world of women in business, amidst the digital age where authentic connections are often sidelined.

"At its core, the 'I'm Human' Festival is a testament to the profound value of authentic connections in an increasingly digital world. It's about celebrating the innate confidence and worth of women and fostering connections that empower and inspire," remarks Marianna Penna, CEO of WOW - Women Of Worth.

Throughout the festival, attendees were presented with various learning, and networking opportunities and social campaigns, and performances, including the thought-provoking initiative "Unravelling Strings - Life is a delicate tapestry to untangle.". A notable addition to the festival this year is the podcast "Entrepreneurial Pulse," offering insights from female entrepreneurs and professionals in London and Italy, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes. Entrepreneurial Pulse will continue throughout the year, with inspiring guests and friends joining us regularly. 

We also introduced a new event this year, which was a true highlight. Our workshop, "Taste Confidence," is a unique sensory culinary experience designed to enhance self-awareness and confidence among participants. Inspired by the fundamental pillars of children's growth - eating, playing, and resting - Taste Confidence is aimed towards nourishing both the palate and the spirit, fostering a sense of self-assurance.


Our closing event, held under the theme "I'm Human," showcased the culmination of the festival's efforts in promoting authentic connections and empowering women and provided an occasion for us to celebrate with each other!

Following our "Unravelling Strings" initiative, we explored how 'Life is a delicate tapestry to untangle' with a solo performance of Giovanna Rumma first, and then in a duet with Marianna, provoking an emotional moment for the audience.

After the presentation of the journalist Federica Flocco, Marianna, our founder and CEO, illustrated all the work done in Naples, London and Mian with workshops, live interviews and the podcast launch in London, soon coming to Italy too.

Collaborating for the third consecutive year with Puteca Celidonia, an association in the heart of Naples, WOW facilitated a Costume Designer course aimed at empowering local women through artistic expression, led by renowned international Costume Designer Giuseppe Avallone and designer Patrizia Visone. During the closing party event the women who attended Costume Designer Course in Rione Sanita’ in Naples,showcased and presented the remarkable creations of dollies from the depicting characters from Aristophanes' comedy "Lysistrata." This comedy is the first example in the history of female empowerment.

The event also featured engaging discussions thanks to the presentation of two books “POMPEII” of Annamaria Ghedina and “Un diamante Rosso Sangue” of Clara Negro. Interestingly both write about a prostitute unfolding the story of the female protagonists. “Pompeii” is set in Pompei during Roman Tjmes before 79 A.C. when Vesuvius erupted and “Un diamante rolsso swangue” in Genova, Italy in current times. Even if the two stories are 2000 years apart, they portray similar prejudice like saying history is not teaching us much. Taking inspiration from the prostitution bias, WOW personal stylist Sara Ibrahim started a session on stereotypes in fashion by emphasising the importance of recognising individual worth without any bias.

We concluded the event with a toast to women and to the peace and blew our 3rd birthday.


With the festival now at a close, WOW extends its gratitude to the invaluable support received from life partners and colleagues, acknowledging the collective effort in fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusivity.

Looking ahead, we still have our "I wish to WOW" contest coming this Spring and the launch of a new workshop in London, "Let your magic flow," slated for late Spring.

The WOW- Women Of Worth 2024 Festival stands as a testament to the enduring power of authentic connections and the remarkable impact of women in shaping our communities and industries.

About WOW - Women Of Worth:

WOW - Women Of Worth is a global initiative dedicated to empowering and celebrating women's achievements, fostering connections, and promoting inclusivity. Through various events, workshops, and campaigns, WOW aims to inspire confidence and create opportunities for women to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

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