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'Vitamin M' : Inspire over Influence

Marianna is the Founder and marketing mind behind WoW, and her Vitamin M instalments are our small weekly marketing boosts for our wonderful audience. In December, Marianna explored the idea of inspiring our audiences rather than influencing as is so often the culture on social platforms now. By inspiring we can help businesses to do more and grow but to also remain themselves.

We’ve taken our December Vitamin M instalments and wrapped them up into one blog, for your inspiration.

What are you doing to inspire your audience?

There is so much focus on influencing the audiences we engage, influencing to buy, influencing to act a certain way, influencing to think a certain way, or buying into a product or service.

At WoW, we are NOT here to influence, we are here to inspire. Lifting our community, full of wonderful women and women-owned businesses, up to offer inspiration to you, our audience. We love to share expertise, points of view and insight from both WoW and our incredible community, we do this to inspire our WoW audience to build their dreams and follow their own paths.

Your challenge: Are you inspiring your audience and if so, how?

We always want to inspire our WoW audience, but as always it's often easier said than done, so we have a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing around how you might provide inspiration to your audiences.

TEACH: Giving someone insight into how to do something for themselves can be very inspiring. If you can become a source of knowledge and confidence for your audience, you may be able to inspire them to use this knowledge in their own way.

BE OPEN: Creating an open and honest space can help us to open up, be authentic and share our points of view. By being open and authentic, you may be able to inspire this behaviour in others, rather than being influenced to act or behave a certain way.

SHARE: Sharing values and appealing to emotions is one way we can share and be open without influencing specific actions. One of your audience may love your ethos and be inspired by this to make a choice in their own business, creating their own individual product, campaign or venture.

To inspire we must be inspired.

WoW exists to bring women in business together, to cultivate collaboration between those from different industries, specialisms, experiences and backgrounds. As a continuation of our guide to Inspiration over Influence, we're exploring the need to find our own inspiration in order to continue to be a source of inspiration for others. How do we ensure we can continue to find this inspiration?

Finding your own inspiration:

✨ Who inspires you? Find these sources and make sure they are in our lives, in our networks and in our social media feeds.

✨ What inspires you? Take a moment to evaluate what you value and why these things inspire you.

✨ Make space for things outside of your network and open yourself up to new points of view, connections and ideas.

✨ Inspire or Influence ✨

How do you want to inspire your audience and the communities around you?

The New Year is an organic opportunity for us to reset and realign, so take the time to do just that and begin to engage with your customers and peers in the way you truly want to.

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