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WoW Naples Summit. May, 8th 2021

Celebrating a WoW moment for the community to remember

The last and recent summit was hosted by Marianna Penna in her beautiful garden in Naples on the 8th of May, where numerous members of the community participated with the addition of two members of our sponsor team, LEXeFISCAL , Gennaro Penna and Dr. Clifford J. Frank.

The members joining the summit were:

- Ida Agunzo, the founder of the Piccolo Principe Playground and a children's entertainment planner.

- Marinella Carangio, founder of the Naples Business Hub and business concierge.

- Patrizia Visone, Founder and Owner of Vitrizia (fashion and evocative headwear)

- Marianna Patricelli, Psychologist and Women in need expert

- Nicoletta Carneiro, designer of Nicoletta Carneiro women beachwear.

Katiuscia Laneri was also present at Naples Summit. Living in Rome and being a Neapolitan woman, she wanted to represent herself and her SPECIAL KAPPAELLE business and share her ideas/knowledge with the other members.

During the summit, the #wowchallenge participants from Naples met each other for the first time after just connecting online through various social media activities.

The summit started with WoW Mimosa signature cocktail.

A few homemade pizzas followed to make the members feeling at ease.

The homemade pizzas were delicacies made by Marianna together with her mother. After asking many questions about the ingredients, she explained to us what makes her pizza delicious and perfect was the tomatoes from her mother's garden together with the fresh basil grown in the garden as well.

The summit was entertained with business conversations but also with some karaoke challenges which all the members participated in, in the full spirit of WoW.

The conversations were mainly about how to bring each woman together and create collaborations that might make a good impact for their brands, it was also discovered some collaborations were under the way and were going to be announced in few weeks and/or days.

Nicoletta and Patrizia, since it was their first time meeting each other face to face, had the chance to update each other and exchange business ideas that could be helpful for the future.

One of the most exciting moments that occurred during the summit, was the surprise that Marianna and Ida thought for Patrizia Visone, where the two had a catwalk accompanied by the singing of Marianna Patricelli‘s favourite song by the Pink Floyd while wearing Patrizia hat creation named Lady Marian (one of her upcoming collection of her Vitrizia brand).

While the duo was having fun with an improvised cat walking, Katiuscia was taking videos and interview the participants in a very engaging way to commemorate the moment and happiness that was flowing that day, together with Andrea Carlino who was taking pictures of the various moment.

To close the celebration, Marianna Penna, like the previous summit that happened in Nepi, distributed the WoW limited edition t-shirts to the members of the community, where most of the guests were delighted and surprised about the gift that they received.

With also men involved in the gathering, directly and indirectly, WoW proves that we are welcoming everybody that is supporting women to flourish and grow.

Dr Frank and Gennaro representing our Sponsor, LEXeFISCAL, came along to celebrate the moment.

Since announcing the upcoming collaborations, it was shown how WoW has created a good and reliable network for these women to connect and learn more about different sustainable businesses.

With this summit, as all the women involved participated with the right spirit just like WoW is aiming for with contribution, generosity and collaboration, the members learned more about each other and their various skills, surprising and entertaining the guests, creating a stronger bond between the participants ams a very nice memory of the event.

A special thanks to Katiuscia Laneri and Andrea Carlino for recording and reporting the moment.

WoW wants to thank the participants for joining Marianna Penna and for making the Naples summit an event to remember.

A video of the summit was recorded and shared with the members; the video can be found on this link: recorded, edited and published by Katiuscia.

Keep an eye on our social media and website as collaborations are coming up very soon. We are very excited about it and we do look forward to sharing the news with you.

If you want to take part in this community and share your ideas with us, please subscribe to our website: and hopefully we will see you in our garden next!

Photocredit: Andrea Carlino

Videocredit: Katiuscia Laneri

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