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WoW – Women on Women Italian Summits in May 2021

Rome round 01/05/21

'Marianna Penna with the 3 Roman participants (Katiuscia, Ornella, Isidora) and Dragana, Isidora mum that joined the Summit supporting WoW community'

During the long and unpredictable restrictions that the world was facing with the Covid – 19), WoW – Women on Women to celebrate their women while ‘locked’ in their various home locations in Italy and the United Kingdom, created a challenge where each member that wanted to participate could post a snapshot on different social platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) representing a ‘wow moment’ in their professional or/and personal life.

The challenge was engaged by all the members of the WoW community and more, however after the consistent planning and various rigid rules that were followed during the Covid – 19 restrictions the WoW – Women on Women decided, with the agreed freedom and still following the rules that the Italian country settled, to celebrate the multiple talented members across Italy with two different days and locations: Nepi (a town 30 minutes from Rome) and Naples.

The first WoW – Women on Women summit was held on the 1st of May in Nepi hosted by Katiuscia Laneri a member of the community which is an Editor-in-chief at SPECIAL KAPPAELLE, where the members and the founder Marianna Penna came together to proclaim not only the end of the long restriction where people were not allowed to visit families and/or friends but also to commemorate women in business coming all together as a family.

The gathering was joined by Isidora Moles, who is a soprano and costume designer in Italy, she was also joined by her mother.

Ornella Lotti who is the owner of Studio ‘DOMUSPHOTO’ and a fine artist also joined the gathering.

During the Nepi summit, various conversations were started, for example, a suggestion from one of the members to extend the collaborations works with the women from the UK, where they could have a conversation about business ventures but also exchange cultural knowledge between the two countries. Also, conversation about how to improve their brand was brought out as a suggestion that little summit like this could be used more to bring women together and uplift each other, which is one of the missions that WoW always stated.

Also, fun discoveries were made on that day, where Marianna found out that Monkina, the host family pet, had a signature bowl with the script ‘wow’ which was an important and surprising finding, after that, they decided to proclaim Katiuscia cat as the main mascot for the WoW as she embodies strength, sweetness, and resilience just like women in business.

'WoW Mascot', Monkina with her WoW bowl

At the end of the summit, the members had the occasion to represent their various skills, where Isidora and her mother performed opera and various popular Neapolitan songs and Ornella showed off her skills by taking beautiful shots of the event.

"I want to thank Katiuscia, Ornella, and Isidora who have taken so actively part in the challenge in March. I also thank them for the hospitality in Nepi where each of them, with their talents, participated to make the event happen, showing again how they care about the community. When generosity and collaboration sit together, women are unstoppable", Marianna says.

Finally, the WoW – Women on Women and the members who participated would like to say a special thank you to Katiuscia and her partner who were great and welcoming host to the summit, that prepared the different refreshment.

More pictures of the WoW Summit;

'Marianna Penna - standing next to the WoW t-shirts before gifting them to the members of the community'

'Marianna sharing the WoW t-shirts with the members'

'We are all gladiators' - as Isidora mother can be seen as an example

'The members and their loved ones, plus the addition of Dr. Clifford J.Frank who is LEXeFISCAL senior partner was invited as promoter for the summit'

'Marianna, Katiuscia and the WoW mascot Monkina'

photocredits: IG: ornella_lotti_photographer of domusphotoroma

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