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Woman, Nature, Collaboration.

WoW Women collaborate in the name of Nature for the creation of a Made in Italy beachwear capsule, in direct connection with London.

Woman, Nature and Collaboration are the keywords of Marianna Penna, director of a reputable international tax consultancy company in London as well as a communications expert.

Since February 2021, founder and CEO of WoW - Women on Women. A community of 24 business women between London and Italy launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day in March to support professional women and entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

“Collaboration over competition” is the motto of WoW - Women on Women. On this principle, from March onwards, Marianna has facilitated collaborations in her community of women, and the launch of the sunwear capsule "Nicoletta Carneiro x WoW" is what made the community "explode" with energy and positivity to face the restart which coincides precisely with the summer season.

In support of Woman and Nature, a mission that she pursues with her community, Marianna and couturiere Nicoletta Carneiro have entered into a collaboration, creating together a capsule of sunwear garments inspired by the WoW woman, in eco-sustainable fabric designed for resilient, dynamic women who responsibly manage their own businesses, who love to take care of themselves and the environment that surrounds them, not renouncing to feel in harmony with Nature, with awareness, panache and style, but above all with simplicity and authenticity.

A project of style but above all of content aimed at women of doing and being, of women with true stories, with their everyday life made up of satisfactions, successes but also of disappointments and difficulties and unexpected events to be solved.

Conceived and directed by Marianna, the campaign with the leit motif Woman & Nature involved some women from the WoW community to create the photoshoot of the capsule and a video-story that tells how the woman lives her daily reality, and how nature is important and present in her days, at work, with the family, in the environment, in the social environment, portraying a simple story, set first in the office and then moving on to the garden, the vegetable garden. All with a delicate and at the same time determined connotation, just like in the nature of woman.

The collaboration is an expression of synergy between two very different skills that complement each other, the international professional one of Marianna and the niche entrepreneurial one of Nicoletta, which wants to represent how much the union represents the strength to achieve broader and more engaging objectives, compared to single ones.

With a community, that of WoW, which starts from London, which has international visibility, the collaboration promotes Made in Naples and in general Made in Italy abroad.

The plot of the video-story "Live a meaningful life"

In an ordinary day of work, made up of commitments and activities to be carried out to achieve business objectives, the synergy of two women at work culminates by focusing on a "colourful" and meaningful desire: the desire to see one's dreams come true, to be able work in a healthy environment that allows you to focus on what you really want, to be able to admire and enjoy the beauties that life offers such as the little things and small daily gestures - but from which daily work often distances and distracts us -, to be able to enjoy Nature and the fruits it gives us.

An invitation to respect nature, which like a mother gives us every day, to collaborate, to share the successes of life, small and large, and celebrate them with the whole world.

This is the ideal world of the WoW woman. A determined, dreamer, collaborative, natural, authentic, colourful, true, that Nicoletta Carneiro has interpreted by designing a swimwear capsule inspired by the elements of the brand: the mimosa, symbol of WoW for a sophisticated and romantic mood, the yellow colour for the energy and sunshine of the WoW woman and purple, for her interiority and sophistication.

Watch the video-story clicking here.

Below are the texts of the video-story

"Live a meaningful life"

Envisage your goals. Fulfil your dreams.

Surrender control. Listen to what you truly want.

Behold the beauty of life. Enjoy its natural cycles.

Connect with Mother Nature. Bear the fruits of your hard work.


Share your success

Celebrate with the world

Sunwear capsule collection by Nicoletta Carneiro x WoW.

Natural. Authentic. Colourful. For real women.

In the photo shooting and in the video-story the protagonists are:

- Ida Agunzo, one of the participants of the WoW Challenge of "The Little Prince Playground" as a mother and entrepreneur in life, has lent herself to interpret herself in everyday life and acting as a testimonial model.

-little Giulia, Ida's baby, who wore the baby girl bikini representing the WoW baby girl to take care of for her future. A little girl who feeds on the fruits of nature and the love and care of her mother.

- Mother Queen who personified Mother Nature, wearing a WoW apron that distinguishes her. Regina represents the Nature that takes care of us, yielding the fruits of the sacrifice. The WoW capsule that Mamma Regina collects symbolically represents precisely this, the result of constant, daily work, which must be shared with people who have the same values

- the same Marianna who played the role of a business woman who pays attention to the corporate objectives to which she gives colour with her personal dreams: research, study, commitment that bear fruit thanks to creativity, harmony with nature, collaboration and sharing.

The other WoW women who actively participated in the photo shooting and video story:

- Katiuscia Laneri managing director of KappaElle, as well as journalist and video reporter, who actively supports the WoW community through media relations and public relations

- Patrizia Visone di Vitrizia, a well-known hat designer who on this occasion supported Marianna and Nicoletta in the scenography

- Anna Vigorito of BeaBou beauty centre, a young and talented make-up artist who took care of the image of all the participants in the photoshooting

-Teresa Balsamo young graduate who brought the example of WoW in her thesis, presented last June in Naples, for gender equality, immediately joining the community as a young WoW woman.

A female project supported and appreciated also by men, reinforcing the goal of the community of gender equality, where the union between genders creates strength.

A team effort that involved different genders, different generations, different professionals for the same purpose: the collaboration and growth of the community that carries forward the value of Woman and Nature, through collaboration and common growth.

The backstage team was mostly made up of male professionals who helped make this possible:

• Francesco Auriemma, a young engineer who is making his passion for photography a profession

• Andrea Carlino, photographer journalist specializing in event photography

• Salvatore Amoroso, video productions and photography

• Vittorio Sciosia, photographer journalist expert in landscape and portrait photography

• Gennaro Penna, Art Director for WoW and LEXeFISCAL

• Dr Clifford Frank, Senior Partner of LEXeFISCAL LLP, London, promoter of WoW

The WoW sunwear capsule designed by Nicoletta Carneiro

An essential, limited edition and timeless capsule that speaks to women with an “Active” and / or “Relax” soul.

The first is aimed at an active and energetic woman who wants a garment that interprets her style: a mother who is with her children, sportswomen who do activities or who simply have a dynamic verve and love to express it fully.

Bikinis, tops, culottes, one piece reversible in purple or yellow according to their mood: sophisticated or energetic like the sun.

In the Active version, a single bikini model was created for girls that represents the care and attention of our future women.

The Relax line, iconic, with the print of the Mimosa flower, symbol of the WoW woman, strong and rooted, delicate and strong, that is the woman who loves to enjoy the sun and the nature that surrounds her, feeling feminine and at ease.

Bikini, American and reversible one-piece. The iconic print is that of a mimosa that represents femininity, strength and at the same time the delicacy of the woman, in a reversible solution in a truly distinctive yellow colour.

In addition, cover-ups, tunic and beach cover-up shirts complete the outfit.

Whether it is Active or Relax version, on the beach, in the pool, in the mountains, in the countryside, or simply in a garden, the WoW woman played by Nicoletta Carneiro is the career woman who intends to enjoy the sun (sunwear) and nature in style, feeling at ease, being an active woman and/or a more relaxed woman.

Enjoy the collection and the sun!


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